Jan 30, 2009
Acton Ontario
2006 Vert
What the :swear: happened to our nice driving weather?:mad::mad:
Lots of us have been driving for weeks showing off our new mods then BAM !!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we get nailed with snow again.
Lets hope it all gone by the weekend.
Sometimes I truly believe all of this Global warming Hype is just a marketing Scam.
Give me some heat and Sunshine. NOW.:banghead:
Your going to love this one Mark, i was opening my pool up on Sunday. Just because it was a nice day and it would be one less thing for me to do.My wife said i was stupid for doing it and i guess i proved her right.

I hate when that happen's


P.S Please Sunshine come back.
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Not to worry, a couple of days and the nice weather will be back and we'll forget all about the tiny bit of snow we got. Heck, I was just out for a cruise this afternoon and they didn't put down all that much salt at all, and the roads are dry, so you could easily cruise right now if you like!

It could've been much worse, they got like a foot of snow in Barrie, at least down here in the GTA and surrounding burbs we only got like 1 or 2cm at the most and no shovelling was needed. That's what blows me away the most about this winter is that there hasn't been a need to shovel my driveway since early February!

And the best part right now is the fact that from this point on, we won't see any more snow in Toronto for about 6 or 7 months! That's why this time of year makes me so happy! NOBODY hates snow more than I do!
We got about 4-5 inches here in The Hill yesterday but overnight, the top layer of snow turned to ice.

It was nice and green a few days ago. Now it's all white. Sigh, will it ever end.
Corrado, Patman and Steve. Pat guaranteed we wouldn't get another snowfall and this.

Well I still think I'm right as we only got 1-2 cm of snow on Monday in most of the GTA (at least everything below Highway 7), so it wasn't really much of a snowfall at all, it all pretty much melted as soon as it hit the road. There wasn't even enough to break out the snow shovel, nor did my wife need to break out the snow brush on her car. (it does suck that they've put down some salt in a lot of places though, I have found a lot of mall parking lots that are just coated in ridiculous amounts of the stuff right now!) :mad:

And I think it's definitely safe for me to say now, winter is over and done, stick a fork in it! :seeya:
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