I just bought the car Keith. For some odd reason but really no issue the money had to go through Nigeria then routed through the Royal Bank in Kazakhstan. I gave the guy my account and pin number in case he had any problems with the transfer of funds.

Supposed to get the car on Friday, a friend of his is going to deliver it for me. Very nice and accommodating people to deal with. I am very excited about my new car. Wow, what a deal for me. I almost feel like I took advantage of him.
Murray, you are just funnin' me. The price was the BIG red flag, then the wording of his e-mail made me laugh. With somewhere around seven billion people in the world, you only need one greedy sucker.
An amazing thing happened Murray. $7K mysteriously appeared in my bank account and a mate to our `05 is sitting beside it. I have friends in low places. Sorry but that`s how the world works these days. ;)
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