Oct 20, 2013
Fort McMurray, AB
2014 Z51
Hey guys. What was everyone's main ride before they bought their C7??

For me it was my quite humble 2004 Hyundai Tiburon. 170 hp of pure smiles! Haha. I loved the car, but am very much looking forward to selling it this summer now that my C7 is on the way!

Was lightly modded with mostly visual upgrades on the interior. Had a short ram intake installed when I bought it which I can only assume increased hp by 50. :coolgleam:
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And Keeping It--

Wharf Uclulet 2012 -911 gts
Still driving my 91 ZR-1,

I have driven a 47 REO 3 ton Truck, My first.

52 Ford Grain truck

62 |Chevy 1 ton

56 Chev Belair 4 door hardtop with a 409, dual quad, 4 speed. dyno'ed at 500 HP( my first Car)

49 Triumph Thunderbird.

59 Triumph Bonneville (first year of the Bonneville, only 3 in Canada)

Multiple heavy duty trucks from single axles to 18 wheel semi's

1973 Triumph Trident.

66 Chevelle SS, with the aforementioned 409, dual quad 4 gear.

70 Plymouth Road Runner 440 6 pack

2001 C5, mildly upgraded.

1991 ZR-1 upgraded to 510 HP

1975 C3 with an LT1 350 hp

2005 FJR Yamaha Long Distance bike 150 HP

1995 FJ 1100 big bore kit, 170 HP for 500 lbs.

So what were You driving once you got your license?
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