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Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
I started thinking of all the fixes and mods I want to get done this spring and I wondered what the rest of you are wanting to get done. I know I need to:

Engine Tune up
Fix Seatbelt reinforcment
Fix rear bumper brackets
Figure out what the squeek in the rear is! Somthing brake related

Maybe, if I am lucky, start some body work.

Definetly more but that is the start.

Hi T,

Are you tackling it all youself?

Brent and I are getting some work done by a fellow that is definetely a Vette guru, very well-done, knowledgeable and very $$ reasonable.

Look what he did for me: painted the calipers & part of the rotors and added new pads & gravel guard so it will never rust.

All this at the same price Midas wanted just to service the callipers & new pads.


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Right now in my warehouse I have:

New drilled and slotted rottors, ceramic brake pads, new plug wires, new ridium plugs, SS/ exhaust tips, chrome exhaust plate, and sequential turnsignals, OHH and Lambo door hinges.

I can't wait for spring!!!

Want to do it myself (not tune up though, I've tried and that's part of the reason I need one). The body i would like to try, my cousin owns and runs a body shop so i hope to get some advise from him.

This Spring, like Brent, I would like to install some iridium plugs, AC Delco 41-985, and new wires, part number 12495519. Maybe change up the fender stripes, and to lighten my car by 50lbs and add 30hp on top of the fender stripes, I may remove the Body side moldings.:D
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well, my money will be spent on my rims...don't know if they will be on my car this spring but they will be on this summer!!!! here they are....oh yeah..4 of them too
I have a few things, I do it myself , pull the rear end apart change a few output seals , replace the steel leaf and install a glass one , if all goes well I'll do the control arm bushings , should keep me busy for a few days ! Ron
:agree: Next best thing to driving the car is looking at pictures of Vettes and talking about them.
Replacing a lot of parts to get that brand new look !!! Working on rear c6 clear corner availability:coolgleam:
Rebuild Carb-Complete
Replace intake gaskets-Complete
rebuild steering box(sloppy bushing)
replace Muncie tailshaft bushing/yoke(vibration)
Adjust shifter
replace rear crank seal(leak)
Rear end swap to 3.08 (can't afford Tremec at this time) so I can cruise over 60mph:D

I should be able to complete these in a week or 2 if I can get my butt off the couch and the weather warms up a bit

Also Help friend change rocker channels on his 72
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