Apr 14, 2011
2007 c6
Heres the deal. tire shine stuff ,bottle left unattended wind blows it over onto concrete driveway. This crap settled in overnite. IT WON"T COME OFF!
tried all ways known to man ,power wash,chemicals,hairdryer, iron,more stronger chemicals, Will this stuff since it is wax just eventually were out or have I permanetly F up my drive. Boy is Moma pissed
I have a feeling there will be marks there for a while. One option to try is to use dawn dish detergent as it cuts grease and will remove the wax off your car so it should cut the stuff on the driveway as well.

I think it should go away in a year or so. I've always noticed that when using tire sine, there are four black stains on the ground afterwards where the tires were....hence why I try to avoid using this on the driveway.
have you tried vinegar and water? i part vinegar to 4parts water. it works greta on getting road grime(oily film) off my cars as well as a great window cleaner. i think its the acid part of the vinegar that does it.
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