It's not bothering me too much yet ....since I don't have a Corvette to drive!!
I am thinking about renting one in the mean time help with the right foot syndrome!:rofl:
I learned not to go to the computer labs after drinking at maguires and having the AC system blow crappy dry air on you wrecking your throat. Last final in the morning....almost time to study for it.
Ya lovely weather. I woke up on Friday and it was sunny, cold, but sunny. So i figure i'll take the vette today. Shoulda looked at th forcast. My vette has now been snowed on twice since i've owned it!

Hey, Welcome to the forum!!! And Yes! About the beautiful about the vette. Battery is fully charged and still getting the service column error. I am going to get a column lock relay this week and give that a try, then order a CLB if that does not work. Good Times.
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