im new to the corvette scene and so far im not very enthused lol,i have a 84 vette and cant find no parts for it ,but im givin it a try anyway and hopefully ill be a happy vette owner once the bugs are worked out ,larry
Riley P

Riley P

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Jan 11, 2009
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Hey Larry! Glad to have you in the Corvette scene. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your car. Just give it a little time and I'm sure people will be able to help you out with the information you are looking for. In time I'm sure you will come to love your car.

Also, post pics of your car, we'd love to see it. What made you want to get into the Corvette scene? Where you into different cars before this or have you always wanted a Vette? Don't get discouraged. Locating parts is part of owning an older car and after a while you'll have no trouble finding what you need and you'll even be able to help others when they are looking for parts for their C4's.


not sure on how to post picks lol,and for the vette ,ive always been curious about these cars and one came up so i jumped on it ,besides the issues im having its a great car and i would forsurely get another if i had the cash,future plans for the car are some custom air brushing,upgrades to the motor and maybe some differant mags ,my other intrests are 4x4ing,i have an 83 chev 4x4 thats fully custom with a 475hp 383 stroker ,40inch boggers and locked front and rear :canada:

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