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Jan 11, 2009
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CCF would like to welcome our new Hot Deals forum, found prominently in the number 1 spot on our forum home page. Direct link: Hot Deals

This is a forum driven by our common desire to find the best deals online and in general retail for our Vettes. We will accept any and all automotive related deals but of course prefer Corvette related goodies. Oil, tires, brake pads etc all go under the consumables category. You can post links to Kijiji and ebay (and similar) but we would appreciate if you also scrape the content into the deal on CCF so our members can judge if it's worth visiting.

I'd like you all to try it out, there's a nifty little form to Post a Deal and yes you will get a reward for an acknowledged deal. Please familiarize yourselves with the brief but important Hot Deal rules (Announcement - Hot Deals Forum Rules & Rewards).

Each deal that's posted will autocreate a poll up at the top where we'd like members who use the deal or consider it hot to vote yes or no. After 14 days the poll will close and if you have more Yeses than Nays you'll get that coveted badge that I've yet to design. :)

Thanks and we hope you make good use of this new forum.

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