Thanks everyone. I appreciate being here and look forward to helping you my fellow Corvette owners any way I can.

If you are looking for any GM parts, please feel free to contact me by PM or by phone at 905-238-0939. If I am unavailable, please feel free to talk to any of my fellow staff. For the best available discounts, please mention the word "Car Club".

Car Club!!! I need a new(er) truck!! :) I've had 2 new Sierra LTZ's as company trucks for the last 4 years but I'm moving to a project that won't be providing one free.

With the junk that's out there for $20k.. i'm either going to go cheap cheap and fix away or just buy new... blahhhh I saw a '05 Avalanche with 53k on it for $12,500, I should have just bought the stupid thing.

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