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Jan 11, 2009
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No more than a few nanoseconds had passed after we discovered that Eric was leaving Bill Spencer did Andrew Spencer (@Andrew Spencer) contact CCF with renewed interest to keep the momentum and buzz generated around Bill Spencer moving in the right direction and to show his support for CCF and the Corvette Community at large.

So without further ado I'd like to welcome (back) Bill Spencer Chevrolet and welcome @Andrew Spencer into the CCF fold. It's no secret that Bill Spencer has received much positive feedback and many virtual accolades from real customers here and we sincerely hope this trend continues with Andrew at the helm of Bill Spencer @ CCF.

Please give him a warm welcome. Andrew thank you for your support.

Lots and lots of C8 news coming out of this dealership but I'll let Andrew take the podium now to drop some pertinent hints and hard info. :)

Bill Spencer Chevrolet
1090 Elgin St W, Cobourg, ON K9A 5V5
Main phone: (905) 372-8773
Web: Cobourg | Bill Spencer Chevrolet | Serving Port Hope Chevrolet Drivers
Welcome lts great to have a corvette dealer who can give us the answers that other dealers can't/won't for whatever lame reasons.
Now that is awesome news. Just goes to show how much positive feedback for all concerned is worth. I have certainly enjoyed Eric's views and comments and look forward to more of the same.
Welcome to the forum @Andrew Spencer. We hear nothing but good things from Bill Spencer Chevrolet. Eric was a great source of info and certainly helped build your good name and reputation with our membership. Look forward to your input here as well. :thumbs:
Welcome @Andrew Spencer
This continuation of support and activity for CCF
is exactly what I look for in real good Dealerships.
... as well as the name

on my bucket list is a long Corvette Journey
for a selfish selfie at the Dealership ...

Spencer N
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