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Jan 11, 2009
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Good Day Everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic time at Cruise Weekend! We had a fantastic turnout and I really want to thank everyone that brought their car out to participate in the show. My apologies for running around so much during the day that I was not able to talk with everyone. I hope to fix that at our meet this week.

For the meet this Wednesday, I was hoping we could run out to the Riverbend Gas and Store just south of Petrofka Bridge, however, the hours aren't clear and due to a high of 19, cruising for ice cream may not be high on the agenda. Therefore, the plans are changed to do the same run as last month and return to the Dakota Dunes Casino! We'll meet at DQ on 8th street at 7:00 (I know I said no ice cream but if we're already there.....) and take off to Dakota Dunes at 7:15 by heading west on 8th Street and South on Lorne.
I'll plan on leaving the Casino at 9:30 so we get back into Saskatoon at a decent time, feel free to stay longer at the Casino if you like or return home earlier.

There is nothing planned upon the return to Saskatoon.

To sum up:
Date: Wednesday August 24th
Time: 7:00
Gathering Location: DQ on 8th Street
Departure time: 7:15
Destination: Dakota Dunes Casino
Leaving to return to Saskatoon: 9:30.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions.

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