Very nice Jake --- Weathertech has a great product - I have their "Digital Fit" in my SHO and they fit perfectly and wear very well.

Don't need them for the 'vettes but wouldn't hesitate to buy them if I did.

Great product. They're in my Avalanche currently. I really wouldn't mind picking up a pair for the Vette.

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Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces for a perfect fit. Made from a custom blended TPO that's wear resistant & remains flexible under temperature extremes. Patented tri-extruded composition allows for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the carpet, as well as tactile feel to the surface. Advanced surface design has channels that carry fluid and debris, away from shoes/clothing, into a lower reservoir. The lower reservoir uses additional channeling to minimize fluid movement while driving.
Put them in my Audi SQ5 and they fit perfectly and do a perfect job of keeping the slop, slush ans salt off my carpets in the winter. I take the front ones out in the summer as I prefer the carpeted mats for summer. I'm also a bit OCD about vacuuming the mats so they don't get very dirty between wet washes. I keep a small hand vac in the garage that is great for keeping both car interiors in tp top shape.
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