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Aug 7, 2018
Sydney Australia
1972 coupe 350 TH400
The jack compartment in my 1972 coupe Is accumulating significant amounts of water. My rear window seal and surrounds are bone dry on removal. My right roof panel appears to be dry too! Do you think it could be from the vents behind the rear window? Any tips? 🤷🏼‍♂️ TIA
Yes. My '73 was leaking there so it is certainly possible. The whole astro vent door assy can come out and you can get a good look at it. Could be something simple like the drain tube rubber is old and cracked.

Good luck

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My '72 had water in the rear compartments when I bought it. The owner had washed it the day before I went to look at it. When I got it home and checked the drain tubes, both of them were completely rotted away; so the water went straight from the vents into the rear compartments. You can replace the tubes without removing the rear vent assemblies. You may need new drain shields for where they connect to the wheel well, they are held on with rivets.
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Easy access to the drain shields with the wheels off. You can see the drain tubes on either side of the vent trays when looking up in the rear compartment area over the wheel well hump, lower or remove the rear window storage tray for access.
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Found the tubes (inside) and vents in the wheel wells thanks to your info folks... THANKS! Good news is the tubes have been replaced already and were nice and dry. I Found the leak near the corner of the rear window seal. I’ve put a small amount of sealant on it and hopefully that’ll be the end of THAT leak. We’ll See 🤞
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