Old Timer
Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Terry and I met up with Steamer again for some train watching just north of Milton off #10 sideroad and 3rd line.

Great day for a leisurely cruise down the 401 to sit for an hour and chew the fat about our trips.

At that particular place one can catch the odd plane coming into Pearson.

Snapped a few pics of a huge train that passed. Must have been a mile long being hauled by 4 diesels.

Nice pics. That's neat how the third line runs right along side the tracks. You boys weren't too far from Legendary Motorcar on the fifth line.
i see a companion lying down enjoying the outing too. :D

haha-- yes that was Blaze -- a 9 y/o chocolate.....A real sweetheart......He was guarding my GS for me. Did a great job too. Even left a 'monumental land mine' for any prowlers to step in should they get too close.:rofl:

Great place to chill, kick back, and shoot the breeze.

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