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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
Anyone heading to Wasaga either this Friday night or Saturday? Wife and I are thinking of going over Friday night to the Boston Pizza event. Saturday is out as we have other commitments. I see forecast is calling for 70% chance of rain Friday so that may be out as well.
I had planned on going to WB on the Saturday, but I have just found out I have to be back in this part of the world for early Saturday afternoon for a family affair; so no sense in driving up there just to turn around and come home....... kind of pisses me off.

So maybe will be out to Manny's GO and for the BBQ.
to Wasaga , but I did drop in to see Manny's new shop on Wednesday, looks like it will be a winner place. paid for my Dyno runs and will be there either next week or the week after to see what the car actually puts out
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