I used to have a lot of them, had a Thorens turntable, loved the sound. For what were at the time good reasons, I gave them all away. My only link with the past now is powering my computer speakers with a tube amp.

Had a lot of Beatles/Stones/Hendricks etc etc

You got a collection Steve?
We have a stack of LPs taking up space in a closet and I have a Johnny Cash LP framed and hanging on a wall in the garage, if that qualifies as interest. If we still have the old record player, I don't know where it is. Apparently there is still a small world of vinyl aficionados out there. Some high dollar turntables too whose sound quality has been nearly impossible to beat.
I think vinyl is making a comeback. I was told that London Drugs in BC dumped all their CD's and have reverted to vinyl. Bay Bloor Radio sells lots of turntables including real high end equipment.

I still have all my records but no way to play them now. Too cheap to buy a new player, the Corvette needs new wheels!
Lots of vinyl here too.

Vinyl is BIG at my place.... London Drugs here has a large selection of new records. There are also 15+ used record stores in the greater Vancouver area.
I buy 6-8 albums a month from stores and the interweb. Audio gear is my other big hobby.
Here's a picture of my analog rack in the main room.

I'm always looking for records and audio gear. I'm also a big reel-2-reel fan.

I have my collection (lots of Canadian stuff) and my turntable (not set up right now) I do have a collection from when we cleaned out my moms have to look to see what is there (johnny Cash, Glenn Miller box sets) just don't know what to do with them
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I still have my old Telefunken reel to reel stereo tape recorder and external speakers from about 1968. I believe Telefunken invented the tape recorder.

I have an old Telefunken AM/FM/SW tube table radio from the fifties. Still has most of the original tubes in it and works perfectly. The sound from it is so warm compared to today's digital stuff.
I'm a big Motown and earlier R&b black entertainer collector. Have lots of vinyl of that genre. But now I just buy cd's as am not inclined to turn all my vinyl into cd's for listening to in the car.For me you just can't beat the likes of Marvin Gaye, Brook Benton, Solomon Burke etc. etc. And of course my wife loves her Connie Francis , Bobby Darin and Bobby Vinton etc.
Graham do you ever go into that old record store at 204th and Fraser Hghwy in Langley?
Crazy Bob's Records in Langley...
I'm in there all the time Al.
I'm planning to someday digitize some of my record collection.
There are a few that I like the music but I don't really need the plastic hard copy. The classic albums will always remain in the record collection.
If I can drop 500 albums that would be a good thing.
It is time consuming to digitize the records as it has to be done at real-time with the proper software.
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I worked with Mike O'Neil, a great guy, in the Oshawa truck plant. He was lead singer for Wednesday a local band back then and they did this version of the song.
Last Kiss - Wednesday (a.k.a. Wenzday) - YouTube
Surprisingly, the singers and groups don't always make much money beyond their singing. You have to own the song to make the real money or go on tour.
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