Mar 29, 2024
Niagara Region
2024 C8 Z51 HTC 2LT
Apologies if this is in the incorrect thread:

When recording with DJI Mavic 4 or GoPro Hero 11 Black, when the video is edited and uploaded to YouTube, it buffers and looks distorted. I record in 5.3K/60FPS, is this too much. A simple google search says that the buffering and distorting is simply too much data transmitting for the review of the video(s).

What setting should I be using? The video is not buffering nor distorting during regular play back of the edited video in Window Media Player (actually looks incredible with clarity and definition), but when uploaded to YouTube, it plays back in 720p and not high def. Is this or how do I correct this on YouTube?

Case in point:

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