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Aug 5, 2011
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Here's a 'gold mine' of sorts I came across in another forum should anyone need any used parts for any of their cars and can't locate what's needed from members or site sponsors:

Apparently this is one of many such sites.
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No links to Corvette forums as far as I know. The only danger of posting a link to used parts is if it interferes with what one of our supporting vendors sells. As no one sells used parts as a business, it should be good. However, we would appreciate people trying to locate parts with Corvette Central, Manny, or Addison Chevrolet first...but if they don't have used parts for you, what can I say, give car-parts a shot.

There is also a difference between someone posting a link to a site they find very beneficial and someone who owns a business posting a link to their own site in pursuit of advertising their business. If you think people should know about car-parts and you don't have any vested interest in the company, post away! Just make sure it doesn't step on the toes of any supporting vendors.
Seems the posting meets the criteria but I'll leave it to you or admin to remove as you see fit. For sure I wouldn't want to upset anyone's business and would understand if it were removed.

Not sure if sponsors or members have links of that nature themselves -- if not it may help them too.

I'll leave it with you, Riley. no worries,
1978 Corvette seats needed

I purchased a 1978 corvette and the drivers seat couldn't be adjusted as the post was bent. Upon removal of the seat we discovered that the mounting frame on the bottom of the seat was cracked. So looking for replacement seats for it. It is Silver exterior and red interior. Seats are red with white trim. Anyone know where I can find replacement seats. prefer original good condition seats. Thank you
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