I sort of hope that if it they are re branded as Petro-Can, they keep the formula the same and then have it at their pumps across the nation. There is no 94 octane in Saskatchewan except for Huskie and I think they use ethanol to get it that high.

I like the name Sunoco way better.
Shell V-power 91 has no ethanol in it like the other companies do in there gas. I tried it just before putting the vette away for the winter and liked it
I bet I'll be paying more/litre because of this aquistion. :(

I hope we are not going to pay too much more as we are all going to get it in July when the stupid HST comes in.
That might put regular in the $1.13per/liter range, thanks McGuinty, what chance does he have of ever getting re-elected :banghead:
Nothing like getting tax'd to death!
Not too worried as I filled up at Petro Canada the other day in Georgetown with the new Ultra 94 that they carry now!
Funny on the pump its the same yellow color as the Sunoco used to have on theirs.
you guys do know that suncor bought petro-can right... :D there's no more Sunoco only because they bought PC for their refining and distribution network
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