Feb 11, 2009
2008 C6, MN6, Z51
Well in the spirit of Wullie (Ian Justakar) doin' a mini cruise to Sherway on Saturday with the Easterners, hows about us "Northerners' (or wherever the heck you classify Vaughan as) do the same??

We can meet at the AMC (Extreme Fitness area) parking lot where they have the Monday Muscle car shows at approxamatly 9:15 ish.

Any takers?!?
3xvette? Konstantin? Sporcahon? Pierre? Beuller??
id do that, but not this weekend, got to swap an engine for my boss or else ill get fired :) that should take a good part of my saturday this weekend. but other weekends for sure.

- Kons
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