Mine is 1Nasty ....has been my personal plate since I was 19 , just a few years ago :rofl:
Saw a blonde in Vancouver driving a Mercedes convertible with a vanity plate that read "WAS HIS". This has also been copied in different states and countries many times.
I saw a chick type Benz with I Forgave
My wife's car says 1XMore.

Before you think I am getting the 9 of hearts (old saying)
It is a crosss stich term where when you do a stitch and you put a x through it.
She has a cross stitch store in Brighton call Knowledge and Neddles
My Tahoe has TQRACN .
TQ is slang for a 3/4 midget racer
We race at peterbough ,Stroud Barrie and Hamiton amongst outer places.
When I got my car home from Manny's, my wife said it sounded WILD with the new headers. Hence she got me new plates for Christmas "WILDVETT".
Since she got me these plates I have been trying to convince her that I need to increase the HP to better reflect the license plate. (I was hoping she would of bought me the Supercharger with an install voucher to Manny's but there is nothing under the tree:( I think I may need to speak to old St. Nick to help her along!!)
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