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Jul 25, 2014
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Early yesterday a member of another site posted a video of a valet parking his vehicle the night before; the valet hit 50MPH in a parking garage and then believed he bumped it in parking. The OP got nervous and pulled the video but NBC got involved and voila!

Video | NBC Southern California

Great video... NBC even clearly showed a picture of the valet responsible.
I Park My Car

If you want to beat on a car, buy your own. Some people wouldn't mind laying a beating on someone like that. I have certain friends who I would let drive the car, but it just isn't a good thing to do. At cruise nights, if I see a family with mannerly kids, I will offer to let them sit in the car. Talk a mile wide smile, especially from the boys when they realize that someone would actually let them sit behind the wheel. This helps develop the next generation of car nuts. I let the parents know why I am letting their kids sit in the car as well. Some parents do a good job and should be recognized. Valet parking,,,,Not a hope in hell of that ever happening with any of our cars.
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