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Jan 11, 2009
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Good Day Everyone!

I am ordering a few items for my commuting bike and the company I am ordering from won't ship some of the items to Canada.

Does anyone have any ideas around this. It's gloves and shirts so I'm not too sure what the restriction is, but is there a company I can ship to in the states and then they will ship it to me?


I have an address in phoenix Arizona u could use, and travel back and forth quit often. Would still need to declare items when coming through customs though....

Have you tried finding your items on EBay? ....most stores on there ship anywhere
Yeah, Likewise here in the Lower Mainland of BC, we use "drop off" businesses
in Blaine and Point Roberts. Cheap too.... $3 per parcel.
Called my friend in Southern Saskatchewan. He has a box jst south of the boarder that I can use.

Thanks for the heads up everyone! I believe this will come in handy for others down the line!
Riley, did they give you any reason why they would not ship the product to Canada? I wonder if they just did not want to fill out the paperwork or there was some other reason for it.

I think the drop boxes are a great idea, several in the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area that some friends use on regular basis.
No reason. I think I had four pairs of biking gloves and 6 shirts picked out. All loose items that would go in a box. Never had this issure before so I am really not sure why.
I have an account with Kineck .
They are all over the Us at border towns and they accept the US goods and Email you for $5.
Most have fork lifts for the big stuff like engines and such.
You just pick it up and pay the tax at the customs and you are good to go.
mine is at Hwy 401 and 81 at the Ivy Lea bridge to the Us.
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