Mar 14, 2014
Union Approves Strike Authorization at Corvette Plant.

By a margin of 93.3% in favor, United Auto Workers local 2164 members have voted to authorize a strike at the General Motors plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky that produces the Chevrolet Corvette. As we reported yesterday, the approximately 800 union members voted last night whether to authorize the labor action in response to what union officials described as safety and working condition issues.

Per WBKO, local union president Eldon Renaud claims,
Workers in reject in Oshawa also complained about management punching out cards to ship vehicles already deemed to need repairs. If the count for the day was going to run a little shy, they would punch out paint repairs and stuff like that just to get the cars/trucks shipped and look good as far as count was concerned at the end of the shift. Let the dealer look after it and often that was after an unhappy customer complained. It's a good way to lose customers. I know a guy who used to work on the corporate audit team. It was a big joke at how the different plants would try to set them up with ringer cars to audit. These cars had been gone through and through before hand to be sure of good audit scores. Eventually, the auditors got wise and would just go out in the shipping area and randomly pick vehicles to audit. I don't know if things will ever change in a big place like GM. The mentality is too deeply rooted.
I dare say that all the other companies building regular cars do the same thing. I don't see GM's quality as being any worse than that of the competition. I have an old '87 S-10 truck that just won't die. Our '97 Olds LSS no winters car is the same. Nothing ever goes wrong. We bought our '05 Jimmy new and with 100K miles on the odometer Brakes and an air conditioning compressor were all it needed. The Corvette hasn't given us any grief either. Other than the Corvette all are on the other side of 100K miles on the odometer. The world is changing out there and not always for the good. Still, I wouldn't hesitate in buying a new GM vehicle if I needed one. None of ours will die to make room for a replacement. ;)
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