Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
I have a U.S. address business in Ogdensburg, NY that accepts shipments for me to pick up when I'm across the border.

Does anyone know of a similar operation on the U.S. side of the 1000 Islands bridge crossing, near Alexandria Bay, NY?

Ogdensburg is closer to Ottawa (and Eastern Ontario) folks than it is to me, so something further west would be appreciated.

so something further west would be appreciated.


West: I use SCC parcel post at Port Huron Michigan........thats West :D

My error for not being clearer about my needs. In my case, further west (from Ogdesnburg, NY / Prescott, ON) means I'd like a service in the Alexandria Bay, NY / Gananoque, ON area.......not as far west as the Niagara area nor Port Huron, MI.

Thank you.
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