Jul 29, 2013
Leamington, Ontario
2001 Convert-Pewter
Two SW Ontario car shows this weekend.

Many people go to the Fleetwood show in London. I just got back from a visit there and it is a major beehive of activity with setup. It will be a very impressive and big general car show. I actually was there to look at an Airstream trailer for sale and they have a whole field of vintage Aistreams and other RVs:

Steve Plunkett's 2014 Fleetwood Country Cruize In

It does cover two days.

BUT, since I am a vette owner, if given a choice, on Sunday I'd be at the Waterfront Corvette Show in Windsor. Last year was fabulous with scores of vettes about half from the U.S. I'd expect a few C7 this year.

But alas, I have to be in Mississauga this weekend therefore cannot attend either. Bad timing this year!
Sitting in Belfast in the rain. :( Actually, the past week in the Bantry Bay area was very nice. Lots of Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, high end Renaults and Peugots. The north and the south look more prosperous and tidier than the average back home. In the small towns, every second business is a pub. ;)
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