Awesome! GM's also been hinting at TT V6's in the Camaro for a long time. I'm guessing it will be this one. 420 hp really isn't too shabby!.....although it will never sound like a V8.
Surely you've heard of Ford's 3.5 litre TT Wayne .. came out back in 2010 in the re-introduced SHO. I have one in my '11 Taurus SHO and altho the stock hp and tq is about 350 , I have a Livernois (Michigan) tune (no surprise) to boost those numbers up to over 400 per......It moves my 4200lb Taurus pretty well.

I've never timed it but some of the guys in a Taurus club I belong to (online) have and the numbers will amaze you: with good tires it will achieve times in the high elevens @ 115+! (so far).

It ain't no Caddy but it ain't too shabby for a boat-a-saurus Taurus.

That boosted 3.5 engine now puts out over 400 hp and torque (from the factory) as an optional engine in the F150. -- no bull. :D

I'm not surprised that GM will offer a similar one soon in the CTS and ATS and I'm betting eventually more cars.

The trend now is to smaller displacement boosted engines for better economy and less carbon footprint.

The horsepower and torque achieved is amazing.

As Riley says, tho, the rumble of a V8 isn't there and not even close -- one cannot match the rumble (and to my mind the performance) of a V8 engine.

Good times indeed.

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those are pretty impressive numbers. i'm curious about your taurus colin. they are still front drivers, right ? what is the torque steer like under full throttle with that kind of horsepower ?

Doug, They are classified as awd -- but biased toward the front. I'm memory serves 40% goes to the rear when needed. When not in drag mode it serves as a front driver for reasonable fuel economy.

Torque steer is noticeable but no too intrusive. IMHO well controlled and quite controllable by the driver.
For a big car, it's not too bad at all and well worth a look if in the market for a big sedan.

It does, I'm sure, fall way short of any of our 'vettes in the handling department (no surprise) .... :D

To its credit, it aims at a completely different demographic (good thing), and it's a comfortable, 5 place, sporty sedan, with 4 doors, a trunk and long trip capabilities. It's taken over duty for the Crown Vic and Grand Marquis which, to their credit, were bigger and V8 powered. (tho dinosaurs by comparison).

My Dad was a Ford guy (mostly) and he'd have loved this thing even more than I do. I wish he were here to see it. He would have been impressed as I'm sure many of you would be.

it happened again: not much talk of your new Caddy TT V6 Wayne.....(as he sits there shaking his head)
It's a good thing you guys are patient. ....... mostly.:)

What colour will you get when they go on sale?

I just hope they keep that engine far far away from the pickups. We've a feet of four ecoboost Ford F150's at the shop and they average around 15mpg and two sick days per month at least.

I hope GM R&D' this one to death before bringing it to market.
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