Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
This guy, Sinister, takes junkyard 5.3 engines and does his own twin turbo setup and ends up with a race car with very little spent. Lunch and engine, just go to the wrecking yard and get another one. 6.428 seconds at 111+ mph in the 1/8 mile. Using cheap Chinese turbos he puts together a pretty cheap setup that a lot of guys could afford and have a ride that they could never imagine. Then again, this guy can't be anybody's fool to get all this stuff to work together. First TNT with 3.42's and PG. - Chevelle Tech
Imagine a six litre and a 3200 pound Corvette set up this way.
If I'm not mistaken hot rod mag took a stock internals 5.3 iron block to 700hp at around 30lbs of boost and it only failed due to an ignition issue.
It's not fun when egos get involved. If his Chevelle will run low sixes in the 1/8 mile, he could back down the turbo boost quite a bit and still have a quick car that would live a long time. He's doing this on a 180K mile 5.3 engine. Imagine if he built a 6.0 engine with some heavy duty bottom end pieces for durability. It could be as reliable as a rock and run in the nines and still not break the bank. These LS engines are pretty impressive. I wonder if they will ever have a matchup between his car and one of the engine builder's big block cars. NOW, that would make a TV show.
my way of thinking is that once the fun and friendliness goes out of something - it's time to quit. how many times have you seen someone go bonkers over a game of pool or euchre ? i honestly think though a big inch small block in a reasonably light chassis has the advantage over a big block. all the torque of a big block without the added weight. a properly built motor should hold together fine if kept within it's limits. the temptation of twin turbo's and insane amounts of nitrous just grenade an engine that has'nt been prepped for it.
i've been doing some armchair engine building, just playing around. i think i could put together a reasonably stout carbed ls motor for under 4k. starting with a low mileage lq4 6.0lt truck engine. using the g.m. hot cam and new l92 heads along with the edelbrock intake and m.s.d. ignition controller. conversion motor mounts are readily available with headers as a package. i have always liked the 77-79 impala coupe and think this would be a neat build with a 700r4 transmission. i'll bet the car would perform and cruise nicely and not be high dollar.:D
If I'm not mistaken hot rod mag took a stock internals 5.3 iron block to 700hp at around 30lbs of boost and it only failed due to an ignition issue.

Didn't they tear it down when seeing if anything was damaged and find out it was actually a 4.8?

Ego's suck. I'm glad we have stayed away from that on here so far. I can't believe the power you can make today while having a totally street-able car!
I don't know if it was that engine but one was actually a 4.8 and still made a ton of power. If we had the talent, we could probably turn our cars into low eleven second rock solid reliable street cars and not break the bank doing it. His cars are capable of running deep into the 9s but they don't always last. Then again this one was a 180k km junkyard dog so what do you expect. I'm impressed.
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