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Dec 19, 2009
1999 C5
I am thinking of picking one up,does anybody have and use one? How do you like it and are there any draw backs? Any input would be appreciated.
You'll get a few different opinions but I like the painted roof as I like the enclosed cockpit feeling of it. Sometimes I take the roof off, but that is just to impress other people. I have a clear top but have never felt the desire to put it on.
This is what I hear most,have it dont use it! I think the sun would get a little hot on a sunny day,I used to really like the vert on a hot summer night.
Got one for my car a few years ago and love it.
Keep the hard top on in early spring and fall when it is colder out
but put the transparent one on in the summer, unless real hot then
no top at all.
When buying used watch for cracks or staring of the top, the coating
gets all crackly over time, I have to wet sand mine down and polish
it up in the next month or two.
Also its a few bucks to ship from the US so try to get one locally if you
Thanks Riley just passed one up locally. Don't think I would really use it much. Prolly just pop the roof off when weather is good,and appreciate the cover on really sunny hot days. Thanks dude. Cheers
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