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Nov 7, 2011
1988 Z-51
Just got my intake back! I'm happy with how it turned out. Not cheap, but done right!
There is a powder coating place at the east end of Ward Street in Port Hope. They have blasted and powder coated wheels for us and they turned out looking like new. This was a few years ago and I think it was around $160 for four wheels. Your intake should stay nice for a looooong time.
$160 for four wheels.

That's a cheap price. The place I used quoted me $600 to do 4 rims not including any acid stripping or minor straightening. But the finish and paint they use looks certainly allot better then the usual rim repair jobs where the guy does his own spraying.
Thanks guys

Next job to install a set of powder coated stock exhaust manifolds I bored out.


Then the valve covers gotta go out for powder coating too.

I guess it never ends once you start, what will it be next the alternator bracket?...
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