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Apr 23, 2012
I had my first long-range drive to Calgary, and decided to take mental notes on a few of the things going through my mind while I was driving--along with coresponding "Smiley"!!!:seeya:

10. Upon starting-up, "I sure hope the winter was kind, and that nothing wrong has happened over the last few months".:leaving:

9. Upon first few minutes of driving, "Man, it's nice to be back in the driver seat, this is the life!":driving:


7. "Maybe it's time I get a radar detection/prevention system":agree:.

6. "It's 7 degrees, but the sun is out! I sure feel like taking the top off!!":iamwithstupid:

5. "MAN, this sure beats driving the daily driver. I need to move to somewhere with a longer vette season.":coolgleam:

4. "Oh! Another Vette--time to "SAVE THE WAVE"--damn! No return wave".:banghead:

3. "Gravel, potholes, and construction, OH MY!":mad:

2. "I wonder how a cam would sound cruising at this speed, SHHHHH inner voice, you need more practical mods this year".:(

1. "I wonder if I stopped in Ponoka if anyone would be at the Tim's"?:canada:

I always feel like I'm getting to know my car all over again each spring. It's really interesting--and maybe my view is unique. Either way, it's amazing how different my thoughts change to "FASTER, HIGHER RPM, MORE MODS, GET THIS TOP OFF", etc etc once I get back into the swing of things.

Getting used to ours again too. Six speeds instead of five. Reverse is over and ahead rather than over and back. I wanted to readjust the seat and mirrors and had to read up on the memory stuff too. Too complicated for this old brain. Great once it is all figured out though. No rude surprises at all this year. With the C-Tek charger, it was like I had never stopped driving the car.
Too funny Vince I had all numbers but #2! Replace with "Wonder what a corsa would sound like at this speed?" Car has made three trips to /edmonton this week already! WHOOHOO SUMMER!!

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If I'm around on one of your trips, I'd totally meet up with you--and we can answer that question of yours :)
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