Well I've had the embroidered seat decals since last year and decided I should put them on the car.

Was really easy. They come with the heat activated glue already attached. Measured, measured and measured again then put the mini iron to the leather seats. Worked like a charm!

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Took me a Bit to work up the courage. Takes a while before I do something new. Also drilled out the mufflers to get a bit more sound. Actually worked. It's just a bit more than the stock sound.

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Wonder how those would look on grey seats that I have. Do they Come in other colours? Where did you get them from, and what the hell is a mini-iron? The leather can take an iron without burning? Crazy!!

Either way, I agree--these look really nice!
Got them off eBay. They are embroidered and come from Hong Kong. I think they would look good as they are the original colours. I don't remember seeing other color variations Vince. My wife has a small iron for travel. I call it the mini. To start I cleaned the seat with alcohol swabs and then used the stitching on the sides of the seat to line up a stop of masking tape across. I then measured up 21/4" and ran another strip of masking tape. Split the bottom tape and marked it. I then taped the decal on. I used the iron to touch the centre of each flag to lock in place then put a cloth over the decal and put the iron on one side of the decal. Checked a couple of times till I was happy with the bond then did the other. Actually very easy.

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