Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
In 2012, I picked up a set of 2006 Corvette wheels and Goodyear runflat tires. The inside edge of both front tires were wearing much more than the rest of the tires. My original tires had the exact same wear pattern with the same amount of miles on them. My alignment guy took the camber out. The car drives the same and he claims that this should let the tires wear evenly. When cleaning them up, I noticed that one of the 2006 tires has a couple of small cracks between the tread and sidewall so I consider them history at somewhere around 20K miles. Had the tread worn evenly, I could see them going 30K miles easily. With new tires, I will have a better idea on how evenly the tires wear at the new specs. I'm looking for less road noise from the tires and some decent tire life. I don't track the car. What are you guys satisfied with on your cars?
Others will no doubt chime in; with the 'cracks' in the tires, you are correct
in deciding to change them. [ whats the date on the '06 tires...if original,
ie. '06 , then they are coming up to 8 yrs old, so cracks are not surprizing. ].

If you're willing to explore regular tires,[ie. not runflats ], then you have quite
a choice.
Michelin pilot sport, and super sport. Hankook , Continental conticontact to
give you 4 tires to check on. Manny could offer advice on what is available.
And of course others on this forum.

Enjoy the search,
I've had good luck with Michelins, Keith.-- and also had the alignment reset for longer lasting tires also. Apparently from the factory, the settings are quite aggressive for track use. (at least the C6 and the C4 were).

My OEM Good Years on the '11 GS have about 15k on them and they are wearing quite nicely and evenly. I'd guess they are good for 40k perhaps tho I'm not happy with the noise of the run-flats and will replace them with non run-flats when the time comes. I'm leaning toward Michelin or Nitto depending on how 'flush' I am.
Run flats are harder than non-runflats too which I don't like since they exhibit more noise and a harder ride. Stopping distance, I'm guessing, is therefore not as good because of it.

The tires on the C4 look good but are '02 manufacture so they're being replaced with Pirellin P-Zeros that I have acquired recently.

I also had the alignment on the C4 set to a less aggressive setting for longer rubber life. I'll see how the p-zeros ware.

The new Dynaplug repair kit that Brian (2009CGMZR1) has available should be useful in the event of any flats on non-runflat tires.

As far as the Taurus SHO: I have Michelin non runflats on there and am quite happy with them. Altho the car isn't in the same league as the 'vettes, it still handles well and has more aggressive alignment settings -- resulting in good ware, long life, and very good traction.

Both sets of tires were wearing just on the insides exactly the same on both sides. With the valve stem sensors sending the tire pressures to the digital display, I always knew that the tire pressures were where they should be. On a normal summer day, tire pressures will go up 4+ psi driving at 50 mph. I never checked to see what the pressures would climb to on highway 401.
If you want less noise, you'd be best suited looking at non-runflat tires.

I had the same runflats on my vette, and didn't like the noise either. Since then, I've moved over to Hancock tires. They're notably better, but I have no other real comparator. I don't know how much better it could get--but the price of these were a little lower than other makes.

I have a pretty unique rim and tire scenario happening on my car, so have limited options. Another tire I was considering was the Nitto Invo. The tire rated very well, and the tread pattern on them looks wicked, but I've never been in a car that was rolling in Nitto product.

My 2c.
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