Apr 1, 2012
port coquitlam
Hi everyone,
Not sure if anyone can use this tip, but I've found the best way to check for a leak is to use brake clean from "Worth". Not to plug their product, but it doesn't ignite from heat. Make sure you don't have any ignition leaks as it will ignite from a spark. Use the small thin nozzle they provide, and slowly spray it on the intake manifold where it meets the head. If the motor is running lean, the brake clean will be sucked in causing the motor to run smooth and usually increase the rpm. Do this all along the gasket line and anywhere there is a vacuum hose or connection; including the base of the carb. Be careful not to spray it into the throttle shafts as this will cause the rpm to change.

When it does burn through the motor it doesn't leave a big cloud of white noxious fumes. Your neighbours will thank you!

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