Not too bad on the side windows. You can use windex and a razor blade and have it off in just a few minutes.
The rear window with the defrost lines is an absolute bugger. I removed the rear tint on a '96 Camry and spent several hours and still needed to fix one of the lines afterward as I cut it in the removal process.
I'd leave the tint on the back glass. It's a big green house back there and it needs all the help it can get to keep the heat out. It's the side glass that the police really don't like dark tinted for their own safety. Thanks for the tip.

Cheap RCMP gave me a ticket yesterday for tinted sides. Such bullshiznit! I mean really. The law is there so people can still see the driver, and make eye contact at intersections.

It was bad enthesitis to get the ticket, but to have to talk to the guy for 30 mins ant my car and get the ticket was maddening. Just give it to me and let's be done--everything works and looks good, and I got places to be sir.

In the end, thanks for making the streets safer. I wasn't even speeding, and it was a massive May Long speed trap that they pulled me over in.

Rant done.
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