Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Standing invitation to everyone to meet Thursday evenings at Golder Associates on 8th street. Across from the Dairy Queen.

Meets will start at 7:00pm and go till when everyone gets sick of each other. The meets are weather dependent so if it is sunny, someone will probably be out!

This thread will just be updated though out the summer so if you want to come or let people know you are coming, post up here!

Rock and Roooooooooooll!
Not really since we are on the main strip of Saskatoon and are using a private companies parking lot that is right along the street. Our wobbly-pops mostly consist of ice cream from the DQ across the street. :rofl:

This year it would be nice to try meeting at 6:00 a few times to go for a cruise before settling down in the parking lot. I'll have to do some recon and try to find some roads worth cruising down. As far as I know, most of the roads around here are just straight and in need of repair. It doesn't make for a fun drive, however, maybe there are some roads around Saskatoon that would surprise me?

Maybe a cruise out to Pike lake for a brewski, then back to Saskatoon? I'll have to check the roads out.
Nothin' wrong with a few golden throat charmers.....I should be able to make the get together on May 30th......

Cheers, Adam
i'll have to make a buzz up from mj this summer. enjoy chicago and take some pics
Will do!

Picked the car up from the dealership. Nothing makes your 14 year old stock C5 look more plain then when a ZR1 pulls up next to it. :D

According to the service writer that was helping me out, this ZR1 is for sale for $160,000 and boasts 658 hp! I did not know that GM upped the hp in the ZR1 for 2013! :rofl: I always find it funny when people who are directly involved with vehicles you like try to impress you with numbers and are totally out to lunch. :D Anyway, gorgeous car! Pictures don't do justice.

As for the meet, we had Kjell in his 05, myself, Brent brought his new Jag, Derek on his mint Hayabusa and a couple Vipers....Man, I really need to take an inch out of my ride height!

Riley, your C5 is a wonderful car and you should be very proud of her, especially when she is sitting next to a ZR!. Remember, it's Corvette and there is nothing better in my opinion. By the way, I have not forgotten about pics. of my ZR1, just have not been able to co-ordinate things yet but I will get some, hopefully with the '67 coupe sitting next to it.
Those are great Pics Riley......watched a video on youtube...Burnout champion....2010 Viper with 600hp laid a 273 ft strip.....2011 Carbon Fibre Z06 laid a 323 ft patch....50 feet longer than the viper.....we should test those results out in Saskatoon...
Hahahaha! Sounds awesome! When going home I tried to give it a little gas getting onto circle, rolling into the throttle, no traction in first, try second, no traction in second either.....then memories of people wiping out their cars when spinning their tires came into my mind from what I've seen on you tube..... I let off the gas at that moment. My tires must be really old. I don't have enough power to be braking tires loose like that. Going to try saving up so I can give Manny a call next winter.
i have an appoinment in regina fri am so i won't be making the trip to 'toon for a look maybe next week
I too think your car looks great Riley. I would be very proud to own it. Thanks for posting the pics. :D
Hey Riley:

I will have the Z in town next week (Tues-Sunday)....getting it's 3M treatment on the bumper, hood, rockers, mirrors and lights on Friday....hope the weather cooperates....

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