not sure man its snowed here today and suppose to tommorrow again so im not sure yet but the weather is suppose to be nicer in saskatoon and my buddy that lives there is on days off so i would have a place to stay thursday night
Well, keep it on the back burner for now, I may not be able to make it on Thursday as I have a beer night with a whole bunch of Vet Med girls...I can't pass it up and I'm hoping they can introduce me to a nice little lamb, hahaha.
11C and NW wind at 20. Not would be nice for the wind to simmer down a bit. Does not look like I will be able to make it though as I am booked before the beer night as well. I have no idea what the deal is with the beer night Mark, I'm not sure if we need tickets before hand, where it is, or how many people will be there. All I know is my friend is taking care of that stuff and all I have to do is show up and fill my mouth with beer. I'm sure everyone is probably welcome, maybe we should move the meeting.:D
well maybe ill wait till more ppl are gonna beable to make it and maybe we could do a beer after a meeting aswell next time i dunno
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