Jun 8, 2012
Edmonton AB
No Corvette :(
We have to add Red before to make it the Red Rock-y Mountain Cruise!

Paul and the gang... who's in???

I had my ZR1 in Vegas but never did go here.... damn, missed some excellent photo opps.

I just got back from Las Vegas and did a 1 hour drive NE out to the Valley Of The Fire State Park.

What an amazing drive.... I would say it was close to experiencing the Grand Canyon... yes, not as WOW but very nice.

check out this video to get rid of the rainy blues


More video's here.


Temp was 101 F in the desert! Convertible top was down! Sunscreen was on!

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ok I'm in. Would be an interestng cruise. Take 2 weeks vacation and drive. Lot's of great roads and sites.

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Yellowstone makes for a nice drive as well! Anyone ever done that, and the black hills? You see Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, etc. great drive, and a little closer to hone.
So that's about a 2 day drive away, isn't it Vince? Would be an interesting one also. After thinking about the nevada desert, July or August would probably be "uncomfortable" to say the least. All ideas for cruising are good we just have to plan a few!
I went skiing to Jackson Hole.. don't think I have seen Yellowstone in the summer. When will it blow??? haha

Nevada desert is crazy in July / August .... was there during sept long weekend and was cooking at 3am.

May / June or mid sept Oct is best for driving trips.... for Nevada
Anyone do the drive from Jasper to Lake Louise/Banff? I've wanted to do that trip for a while now. How is the highway?

Well, we did the cruise last year and it was fine with my low flying rocket.. haha ( had to be there )

I have not done the Sask crossing to Jasper for a few years... think it is a bit older / bumpy... but probably fine to do.

Did the Jasper to Saskatchewan Crossing trip last September with Jeffer2013 and ScaryFast. Decent road and wonderful scenery. The new Skyway is open just north of Sask Crossing now. Would really be a great drive.

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Anyone do the drive from Jasper to Lake Louise/Banff? I've wanted to do that trip for a while now. How is the highway?

Do this stretch pretty much every year sometimes on the bike sometimes in the vette. A very worthwhile trip...............they continue to improve parts of the hiway and overall its good...............the scenery is so AWESOME your not looking to break any speed records anyway.

Spent 5 weeks traveling through US last year from Southern Ontario to LA and back, visited Yellowstone, Black Hills, many of the National Parks. Drove the California coast and many other spots. 16,000kms. It was a blast
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