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Oct 18, 2012
Manitoulin Island
2011 base
My vette has the Bassani exhaust and although I Really do like the sound but I really like kicking it down and letting her scream( damn near better than The problem is that it attracts too much attention. So I have two choices, either drive like gramma or look for a bit quieter exhaust. So I am pondering on what to do. What do the stock Z06 exhausts sound like, They must be a bit quieter. Can the Z06 exhausts handle the power that I will eventually be putting to her( ECS Supercharger). Are there other options out there. Probably wouldnt be hard to convince someone to swap:D. Thanks
Hey Kevin , so happy that you purchased Garry's vette and are carrying on his passion for modding it .

Let me first say that , the first thing you must be made aware of is that the more power you build the louder the car will get , its inevitable .

The C6 Z06 exhaust will easily handle the power you are after .

However , because yours a an A6 auto the C6 Z06 cat back is a labor of love to fit due to the fact that its made to fit a skinnier trans for the Z06 .

Now I have done this before for an A6 vette , but its a ton of work due to the fact that the hanger placement on the can's are wider and need to be cut an re-welded as well as the x-pipe will need to be cut and re-set .

The nice thing is that we can do the muffler mod on the can and do a controller to open and close the NNP exhaust manually :D

On another note, I do have a client with a C6Z06 that is superchagred and that has just ordered the Akropvic exhaust from us and will be trading in his Dasilva Motorsports modified C6 Z06 cans :D

I will be expecting your call Monday Morning at 8am :rofl:

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