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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
That Z-28 looks purpose built! Only one speaker stereo...can it be called stereo with only one speaker?:D A/C is optional, the back seat barely made it into the car because of the use of lighter materials, 19" light weight wheels from 20's. Carbon brakes and the LS7! Sounds wicked! A little disappointed they only dropped it 100 lbs and not 200 or 300 lbs, but I'm not the one designing so whatever. Still sounds like one heck of a ride!

See Pics Here:
This is what the COPO should have been, a 427 street car that anyone could buy, just like in the old days. You could put the same engine in the the new Chevy SS as well. This Z/28 could have been a 5.0 litre car to compete directly with the Boss Mustang. It's as if the people in GM want to capitalize on nostalgia and history but don't know how or don't understand the nostalgia and history behind the old cars. These new cars would eat the old ones alive but as much as you try, I don't think you can truly recreate an era. They definitely improved the front end of the car. Seems to have gotten rid of some of the boxy look.
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This new generation Camaro fixes the problem C7 Tail lights looking like the Camaro tail lights. Check the rear end of this car, doesn't look anything like the Corvette.
There you go guys GM fixed for you.:canada:

They're both chevs and share a little dna -- doesn't bother me at all now.
I hope everyone comes around to that conclusion eventually....

The previous gens are beautiful in their own way and to their own fans. Once we get used to changes and progress, the new will become normal and beautiful too.

Just think what the next gen will look like with triangular tail lights and a small rear end.....:rofl:

......then this process will start all over again. God willing I'll be around to see that and more.

One thing is for sure that sharing with fellow enthusiasts makes it more special :D
I do like the new Z28, But Chevy is losing the horsepower power race !!
Ford gt500 550 Hp
super snake up to 800 +
I am not a ford fan but they do look nice ( never driven one )

Chevy has to watch out that they do not piss off the vett owners by making a camaro with higher HP then the vett. at a lower price

I think they should make a IROC with a LS7 454 turbo or super charged engine
some where in the 800 + hp range

Then they should do the same with the vett being 500 to 600 LBS. lighter then a camaro WOW could it be a ZR2

JUst my 2 cents + a few wobby pops
It would be nice if the Camaro could compete with the Mustang on a horsepower level. 580 hp just isn't quite enough for bragging rights.

As for the Corvette. It's always been a different animal than the pony cars. It's like using a parring knife to slice a watermelon instead of a sledgehammer. The Corvette to me has always been a finesse kind of car where the Camaro has always been bigger and required more brute force to perform. The only way I would be upset with the Camaro is if Chevy made it handle better and out brake the Corvette with a nicer interior. 0-60 times don't bug me too much. Especially when everyone is getting under 4 seconds. At that point, I imagine it's down to a driver's race and if there are corners involved, that's where the Corvette should always excel.

Funny how Ford used to lag in hp compared to the Camaro and now Chevy has to play catch up.
I have to agree with your desire for a kick butt IROC. Teach that Lagua Boss 302 a thing or two! :D.....but first the Camaro has to dump a couple hundred pounds and get down to the 3500-3600 lb range. I hope that happens on the redesign.

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