I suspect most people on these Forums know the Corvette tradition of waving at another Corvette when met "in the wild" but for any new members who may not, I'll start this thread. So far this year, I'm batting "zero" since NONE of my waves at other Corvettes have been reciprocated and I have to be up to at least a dozen so far. Oddly enough, I had a much better response in prior years.

I wave at any generation Corvette that I see. This morning just before 10 a.m. I was at a red light at 109 Street and Whyte Avenue facing north. On the other side going southbound was another C8 (Rapid Blue) who was also stopped at the front of the line at his red light. When the light turned green, we both went forward and I immediately waved but was totally ignored (sigh).

Now if you were the driver of that C8, I'll buy you a Tim Horton's coffee and a donut to swap Corvette stories; just PM (personal message) me on these Forums and I'll make it so.

My neighbour belongs to the local Corvette Club and he and its other members are well aware of this unwritten rule. I suspect those who aren't with a Club or on any Corvette Forum, may not know. I encourage everyone to spread the word amongst friends who own Corvettes.

And not only for "the wave" but to extend the courtesy of stopping to offer assistance, if another Corvette looks to be in trouble on the road somewhere. That's part of it too.
I give a wave to many not just Corvette owners. More Porsche drivers around here than Corvettes and I find they do acknowledge the "wave" but seldom initiate it and I suspect it is probably because they are not sure of the reaction. Muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods I just recognize them as fellow car enthusiast out for a run. Only the flick of the wrist as opposed to a flick of the finger but I will do my best to let them know their vehicle is pretty cool.
Why do you wave? Do you wave at a guy wearing the same shoes as you?

Yes of course Murray. I wave at anyone who does anything I do, has anything I have, or is otherwise similar to me. Sheesh...who doesn't?? (lol)

On a more serious note, like Black 03 Z06, I also acknowledge another "car nut" driving a hot rod or fixed up antique car...by an appreciative thumbs up. For fellow Corvette owners, I didn't start this tradition which has been around for years and years, but think it worthwhile, but that's just me.
I also wave at least to any Vette on the road. If they are on the other side of a divided 4 lane I will flick my lights. I also will thumb's up or wave at other sports or classic muscle cars that I admire. Recognition and return waves or lights comes almost every time from C1's through C7:s and lots of times from other makes. It's hit and miss with the C8 drivers and I get ignored roughly 70% of the time. I don't see a lot of C8"s on the road so maybe that 70% is always the same person. Maybe if I stick my foot out the window and showed him I was wearing Piloti Italian driving shoes with the Corvette flag I could even get MurrayC8 to wave back....Maybe not though since it's the C7 flag. ;)
Hi Y'all
Whether I'm in the Wrangler, Challenger, or now in my Corvette, I always make a point to wave to similar vehicles. But I'm old school. Seems like the C8 drivers are a mix of Corvette enthusiasts and past owners of euro performance cars. I would expect the later to not wave to anyone.
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I Find it is hit and miss here in Ottawa. I try and wave whenever i see a follow vette. I get more waves out touring in the areas around the city.
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When ever I notice another Vette on the road, I always make a point of waving. My experience has been that most will wave back.
Same here...been doing it for the almost 40 years that I've driven Vette's (C3, C5 and now C7) and I'd say 80-90% of other Vette drivers wave back.
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I bought a Wrangler a few years back. Love the car, it goes places, on every terrain, that other cars just dream about. One of the first things I noticed was, I wasn't alone. There must be a Wrangler in every driveway and garage out here, and I can't go anywhere without passing several, opposite, and same direction. I tried the peace sign wave for a while after I bought it, but it became a distraction after a while, so I stopped flipping the 2 finger hippie signal, mostly for safety reasons. :boomcar:
I used to wave, or acknowledge other vettes somehow, back when I had my C4. I'll give the wave/peace sign thing for a while when the new ride arrives, but if I don't wave or acknowledge other Corvettes, and you happen to be one I miss, don't take it personally, it's me, not you. I'm probably multitasking (poorly), and just wasn't quick enough on the draw. :Pistolsmiley:
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A white C8 drove past my house while I was taking off the top. He didn't wave, but why should he I was 200 feet up the driveway in my garage! LOL
A Red mist HTC drove past me at a stop light and he didn't wave, but he was going through the intersection well before I got there! LOL
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