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Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
Washed, waxed...Bounce dryer sheets, disconnected battery, floor mats...see you hopefully around end of March 2015. :seeya:


I've had this car just over 2 years now and it's been a wonderful experience, and a very reliable ride.
Battery having to be kept on a charger if the car is parked aside...not a single problem and I really do love it.
I put on an average of 6,000 kms a season, and get an average of 500+ Kms on a full tank.
Love it.

A few weeks ago I went into the dealership to have a look at the C7. I'm very happy with my C6 but wouldn't mind the upgrade...but they told me that they're selling them 'sight unseen'. I wasn't even able to test drive one...none on the lot, and I went to 2 dealers.
They told me how great the car is, and I told them I didn't doubt it...how awesome the interior is...again, I said sure....and how this and that is far better....but I had to stop the rep and remind her that if I didn't think the C7 was a step up from the C6 that I wouldn't even be here but if I'm going to spend close to 100G's the least she could do was arrange a test drive. And here's what I got in response...

"Sorry, we just cant do that. Like I said these cars are selling themselves and everyone is buying them sight unseen. Not only, but no discounts off of list price and the car might be ready by April 2015."

So I thanked her and apologized for wasting her time.

I guess if I wasn't so happy with my C6 then ok maybe I could consider a deal the way she was proposing but I'm really in no rush....and instead of hooking and reeling me in for a sale, I walked away feeling pushed away from making the purchase.
Besides, I'm away for a big chunk of the summer every year so I'm not sure I'd even really enjoy it if it came in after April.
I'm not a fan of 'take it or leave it' sales pitches....but at the end of the day there's no question that the C7 is an amazing piece of machinery.

Well David in another year dealers won't be so smug .I know Canada comes last as far as GM is concerned but C7's are plentiful on this side of the boarder.Test drives and discounts are available here so it's only a matter of time .
In 2005 we were in the process of buying a new S-10 Jimmy. We walked out in mid conversation at two different dealerships when the sales men started playing their BS games. The third guy talked sense with NO BS at all. A pleasure to deal with. An old friend of mine was a sales manager in a big Ford dealership in Toronto. He has quite a laugh when I tell him about all the crap still going on. Nothing ever changes he says.
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