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Jan 12, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask
I am sure you guys are all waiting, thinking of nothing else but what my wifes new truck looks like:D. So here it is.

Yes she is very happy!



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Umm, Brent...I think the guy you bought the truck from lied to you. That is not an H2. I do like the black with the black rims. That looks pretty sharp.
Yep, definetly not an H2 but this one is nicer, and yes I love black rims, ordered them from Marv, and he had them on in a week! I would highly recomend him to anyone!

Whats under the hood? And can we get a few more pony's working for yea?

You know Dwayne it has a 6.0L and it rides great and has lots of power, so I think we will pass!:D ( get it PASS)

You coming tonight?


Mark where the (HE double hockey sticks) have you been?
Hey Brent,

As Borat would say . . . "It's a verry nice . . . I like." I'm very suprised to see that you put black rims on it though . . . . Not! (lol)

Thanks Dave, I guess I am a little predictable:D! But I just love they way black rims look!
I like them so much that I think I will buy another set for my Vette, only Matt black!

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