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Apr 23, 2012

This is the "Barn-Find" people only read about--but it just happened to me. I can get prices and pictures on any of this stuff--it's ALL here, and in place. Only a few know about the gems inside, and I catalogued it ALL for your reading pleasure. Anyone interested in cars or parts? Let me know! What an impressive list!!!

The list is quite extensive, so I included the non-Corvette stuff too. This is a private collection in Alberta--and I think the owner is at the age where he wants to get rid of his stuff. No pictures were allowed (on this visit), but I spent a day starting cars, looking at things, and snooping around. I have a line on anything you see on this list!!

Let me know if anyone might be interested, although I am not trying to sell anything--I stumbled across this by accident while I was talking to someone about camper-vans........

Without further adieu, imagine walking into a strangers yard and seeing this:



’67 Vette 327 eng. [ rare ] Super fun toy--comes on ’27 Ford steel-bodied roadster hot rod, older build needs tlc.

'61 Corvette huge project, good frame, rolling ,needs everything

'57 Corvette full-body, doors, hood trunk lid, ‘58 rolling chassis incl 327 (DEAL PENDING)

’67 Corvette Roadster, GREEN, rolling, huge project, incl.327 [non-numbers] 4 speed trans., new rubber kit. (DEAL PENDING)

’69 Corvette roadster, white, body from firewall back on rolling chassis, could be a builder

’71 Corvette coupe 383 stroker, auto, 450 hp, super fast ,dark blue, many upgrades, Saskatchewan car.

'75 Vet shell no frame good 1/4's and bird-cage pass-door only

’84 Corvette coupe 350 4+3 standard leather, Targa roof, 100,000 km’s. Drove and ran smooth.

C-3 Vet parts misc. hoods, doors, and one ’63-4 front fender, and much more

Chev Engines 283, 350, 327, 402, 454 (I hear I can get any of these for $1,000-$3,000)



’37 Plymouth Coupe, Old hot rod, disc front, much new metal, lots of potential (deal pending)

’39 Chev 2 door sedan, mostly complete, eng. apart, great rod material, (deal pending)

‘47 Buick 4 door sedan straight 8 not seized, body incomplete

’47 FORD 2 ton Custom TOW TRUCK, hand built, cost over $25k, set on Dodge 4x4 chassis, mostly new

49 Chrysler Windsor Royale Deluxe 4 dr

’53 Packard 400 Mayfair 2 door hardtop, extremely rare in my opinion--which means nothing!:rofl:

'56 Chrysler Windsor 4 dr sdn. Very orig. runs/drvs, but no brakes

’55 Chev Bel Aire 2 door hardtop rolling shell, clipped w/disc brakes good floors,

’55 Chev Bel Aire 2 dr. hardtop, all bodywork from firewall back done, strong 327 PG--looks to be SOLID!!!:coolgleam:

’55 Chev Bel Aire 4 dr, Red/orange, ex-hotrod, radius rear wells, hump hood, etc. needs restoration--great gasser potential

’57 Chev Bel Aire 4 dr sedan, yellow--no engine or tranny, but all else is original

'58 Pontiac Strato Chief 4-door. Origial 4
’59 Pontiac Laurentian 4 door sedan, blue in/out , 6-cylinder, 3 speed, runs exc., needs brakes, (Low-Rider potential)?

'59 Meteor Ranchwagon 4 dr. 6 stnd. This looks RARE to me!!, needs full restoration though...........:mad:

’59 Ford Fairlane retractable , all orig, 352 auto ,runs well, needs minor restore, paint red/white--great looking car from 20-feet!!

’60 Impala 2 door hardtop [ bubble-top ] new red/white interior needs minor bodywork completed--again, I don't see many of these out there.:eek:

’64 Pontiac Parisienne Custom Sport 2 dr htp, 327 auto buckets console, just add paint--everything else looks great!

’64 Impala SS 2 dr htp. , needs resto. rare car, was 283 auto no engine/tranny--DEAL PENDING.

'79 Lincoln Limo Ronald Reagan’s when Gov. of California. Runs/drives!!

’66 Coronet 2 door hardtop, Cream, very nice original, #’s match 318 auto, mint interior--DEAL PENDING:mad:

’66 Satellite 2 dr hardtop, white, black buckets/console, 440 auto 2 bbl, needs little, runs strong--great Roadrunner donor???

’67 GTX 2 dr hardtop w/ ’71 440, auto not running , very rare--I know these Mopars pretty well. This thing as SWEET.

’66 Satellite 2 dr. hardtop, wine, high optioned car, white buckets, engine/trans, console missing, needs restoration

’66 Charger, newer strong 383 auto,, most bodywork complete, nice black int. needs paint, front carpet, finishing-touches

’70 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 slap stick, tic tac, MATCHING NUMBERS , orig. Vitamin “C” orange, but green now.....needs paint. Similar unit sold all done @ Barrett J. for $ 180,000.00 THIS IS THE KING OF THE COLLECTION IMO

’72 Duster 2 dr htp orig. Green/green, 6 auto, runs/drives exc, some rust, comes with K-frame and 360--great potential

’64 Mercedes Benz 200d 4 dr sedan nice int, good body, but not running gas 4 cyl.

'71 Mercedes Benz 280s 4 dr sedan nice interior, good body, I couldn't start this one....

’79 Mercedes Benz 450 SL 2 tops, Silver on red leather. New looking blk soft-top.

’83 Mercedes 380 SEL black very nice, nds minor, but ran beautifully

’85 Porsche 944 , white, auto runs/drives, White, looks good, but was told is salvaged--will need inspection.

’86 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio, silver red/grey leather, newer black soft top--is this the car from "The Graduate"

’86 Mercedes 560 SEC, ran strong, ideal donor car, body reasonable, rough interior.

’88 Mercedes 560 SEC 2 door hardtop, runs well but bad lifter, needs interior work, but this is a rare body style

’91 Mercedes 190e Cobalt Blue/grey leather, w/2.6 six. LOADED and in great overall shape.

’92 BMW 325i 4-dr sedan, nice cond. 141,000 km’s, gray, runs and drove well.

’98 BMW 325i 4-dr, runs/drives/looks great, black/black leather, needs inspection though.

'48 Humber Super Snipe body-off restored finished. Another RARE looking car.

'64 Humber Super Snipe Black on Red leather and wood.

'50's Thames Freighter--looks RARE F

’59 Anglia 2 door all orig. and complete engine rebuilt, but great body--(DEAL PENDING)

’59 Renault Dauphine Gordini 4-door very orig/complete--not running

'66 Vanden Plas 4-Litre Princess 4 door needs resto. Rolls-Royce engine--I think this is a RARE VEHICLE.

'69 and '70 Sunbeam Alpine GT's [ Rapier] package deal F

’75 Jaguar XJ6C 2 door hardtop, extremely rare Jag, 350/400 Chev engine, needs rust attention, but great potential.

’87 Jaguar XJS 2 dr coupe very strong V-12, IRS, ideal donor for streetrod proj. many spare parts to buyer....

'64 Python fibreglas body ,very rare--was told only 45 were ever produced.

’68 Firebird Sask car, 455 auto, ratchet shifter, wild power, Fresh pearl white body, gauges, rally wheels--DEAL PENDING

'68 Buick Skylark 2 dr htp. Maroon/white rans/drove well, no paint or exhaust

'72 Chev Impala convertible 402 [same block as 427] auto runs/drives Brown v-rough. There are no doors, hood or trunk lid, no interior, it is just a body and super clean rolling chassis.

’67 Chevelle Malibu 2 dr. hardtop buildable 396 400 buckets console, solid but needs restoration

’67 Malibu 2 dr htp frame pntd, great body, nw BB hood, buckets, builder,

’67 Malibu 2 dr htp body shell, sits on perfect rolling chassis....

’78 Ferrari 308 GTS Red/black, 37,000 original miles, mint mint Magnum PI Car

'75 Lemans Sport Coupe, WHITE/WHITE good driver, but a great project

’50 Chev 3/4 ton w/9 foot box, quite rare, not running but complete--red and rare.

’61 Chev
That's quite the list. Would be great to have a look around this place.
So is there going to be an auction?
No auction--everything listed is for sale though.

I am going to try and get the green light to take some pictures though. Most of the catalog was copied and pasted then my own comments added. I did get to start a few cars, and drove several others--although not for any length of time. Just put it in gear and around the driveway.

there's other stuff there too (memoriabilia, clothes, you name it). I took his old list, and crossed-out stuff that was already gone, and then looked closer at some of the other. I really want to go back........I'd love to have this collection on my yard.
I started going cross-eyed near the end of the list! Did anybody get a count of the number of vehicles? Hard to fathom.
You wanted pics--here's a few pictures I snapped off today. The Challenger and Ferrari are INCREDIBLE, so I went back to start them up. The 'Vette stuff is IMO a major project, and not worth doing, but I'll show some pics of that. He has a school bus and cube van full of parts--enough parts to bring that 69 Roadster back to life.

Parts of body.

My internet connection is really crappy in this hotel, but I will post some more pics in a few days.
Hey Vince.......in his memorabilia....did he have any old Jersey Gas Pumps or porcelain gas station signs??

I am so impulsive....thank god i wasn't on site at the barn.....or the wife would have to park outside.....

Cheers, Fitzy
I will try getting more pics. I sent some directly to another member, but my phone isn't hooked up to email, so I can't get them to photobucket..........

Anyway, I do believe there was some old neon gas signs, but they weren't for sale. There was a cool 1950s pinball machine which was. I thoughtnit would look dynamite in the mancave!
I'm digging the Magnum PI Ferrari myself. The show was lame but I always wanted his car.
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