Jan 29, 2009
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Tim Hortons support cuts across politics, age, money: poll

Wed May 27, 2:20 PM

By The Canadian Press
OTTAWA - A new poll suggests that Tim Hortons, the iconic home of the double double, is the great Canadian leveller, cutting across political lines and uniting old and young, rich and poor.
The poll suggests that overall, Tim Hortons fans outnumber Starbucks people 4-1.
The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey found 49 per cent of Canadians called themselves Tim Hortons people, as opposed to 12 per cent who preferred the Starbucks label.
The same split showed up among political preferences, with about half of Tories, Liberals, New Democrats, Greens and Bloc supporters claiming Tim Hortons loyalty and about 12 per cent opting for Starbucks.
Among people under 30, Tim's got 55 per cent support, while 46 per cent of those earning over $100,000 also chose Tim's.
The poll questioned about 1,000 people in an omnibus telephone survey April 23-May 3 and is considered accurate to within 2.2 per cent 19 times in 20.
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