Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Well, Manny just called and said that the car should be going to the shipper tomorrow or Monday and with luck may arrive in Edmonton at the end of next week. I hope to find out the day so I can meet it there for the reunion! Whew, what a journey. And almost to a conclusion! I hope that I appreciate how lucky I am to have this sort of car experience.

I'll miss having the car for the Fairview car show on Saturday but I saw a sign for Dyno Days in Grande Prairie on the 25th but need to find out more details. Could be a fin way to spend part of a Saturday and to show off Manny's work.........


Good afternoon Gentlemen,

Yes, it has been anticipated for some time! Hard to think that maybe in 8 days the car is back here. Worst case is not until the week of the 24th but I am going to get a thick rug to pray on for the end of next week and hope that the Corvette Gods find favour with me and that this will take pity on me and help to get my car home sooner rather than later!

I wish you could all be here for the moment of it coming to life for the first time in Alberta but I'll try my hand at YouTube again!

What a terrific experience and hard to believe that it is coming full circle finally.


You know you're in Alberta when:

You Google Dyno Days and it is in Sexsmith north of Grande Prairie but for diesel trucks only!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who'd of thought??

I'm way too far from civilization it would seem.


Glad to hear she's coming home at last Garry. Still plenty of summer left to enjoy your beautiful ride.
Gary; Just make sure "You" are up to the level required to properly drive a vehicle with this kind of power.
Not every Mustang or Challenger or Camaro needs to be shown Who has the bigger dick.

There will always be someone that has more money than you, that will kick your ass.

Enjoy your car for what it is and the enhancements Manny has done and nothing more.

Congrats on a nice build, Have fun. Be Safe.....
Good early morning Don,

No fears. I remember when I was driving in Peace River las tsummer just puttering along and I met this kid on a bike (12 or 14 year old) and he called out to me "hey why don't you drive that car like a man?" and I felt like stopping and telling him that a man doesn't need to be showing the power all the time, he is simply taking confidence fromt he fact that he does have that power but a man can control it, a boy has to show it all them.

Manny was telling me about an upcoming Calgary car where the guy wants to target 1000 to 1200 hp and for sure there are always people with deep erpockets or a greater need to power than what Ihave. The stock car is fast enough, this was just a project to try a bit more but I can't see having a need for more than it is, at least right now!

I'll be happy to have the fastest local or regional car for a while but for sure someone will want to go faster and that will be fine. Having worn the crown for a while will be good enough for me.

I mean the first 6 months outside of chirping the tires on an on ramp I have never smoked the tires on the car yet so I think that I behave well. I like the speed for usre, but the rolling acceleration and not so much the starting start - too hard on tires and the powertrain and I've never been a 1/4 miler. I may still have to try it once or twice but I love the speed of going hyper fast and not just the getting there if you follow me. Sustained, of for a few miles anyway, 275 km/hr is more fun for me than say a 10 sec elapsed time. Thus us my experice to date.

But I do appreciate the words of caution from you and the others, the car required respect before and now it will command it - from the driver..........


Hey Garry just happened to see your yellow beast today at Manny`s while I was getting a brand new set of tires. Heard it being fired up, that thing is sick! :D

That is one bad ass ballistic missle you have :eek:
Have fun, be safe and enjoy :canada:
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Good evening Crusher,

I am so jealous but I guess enjoy it while you can! Yes, I made a major mistake in not taking any video clips while I was down and driving it around. It would have helped over the past little while. But I have a pretty good memory of what it sounds like and can't wait to do some throttle tapping for sure.

I just have to keep repeating "wanting is better than having" oh I hope I can last another few days. I'm going out of my mind with wanting to drive it right now.

So what type of rubber did you add??


Worry not your bad boy is on its way early next week :D

I put on Michelin Pilot Super Sports....Wow! what a difference compared to the Goodyear runcraps :D.......Its like night and day, the super sports stick like glue, smoother ride, less road noise etc. They beat the GoodYears in every category...Thumbs up
Please I hope by Friday! That I might be able to coordinate with getting in Edmonton as I don't think they are open on teh weekends. Otherwise Monday is with the dentist and Wednesday is graduation day with my son so it gets pushed to teh end of the following week - ugh!

Glad the new tires are working, I hope my new Invo's are as good.


I was at Manny's a couple of days ago and saw your car Garry. I am sure i could hear it pining for you and the wide open Alberta roads......
Soon oh soon it will be back. You kow what? This is almost like my cancer checks were. For the longest time inbetween them I didn't think about it much but as the day got closer it was more and mroe on my mind and it is this way with the arrival of the Z06. It was not so bad when I first returned from Ontario but now as teh day gets closer to having it shipped I find it much more difficult to await for the word it is happening. The sense of felief I'm sure will almost be as real, just not as important or my life, so to speak.

And I do realize if it had been shipped in late May itmight have been more of a distraction as I was finishing seeding but a 10 to 15 minute daily drive would have been good for me and now that seeding has been over for 2 weeks or so is when I most miss having back.

I hope that I can get my accumulated spraying out of the way this week so that I willhave a few days of good weather without pressing work to do to enjoy it and get that out of my system. Sadly my son willbe gone to Calgary the 1st two weeks out of school but that will be fine, we'll have some quality father-son time in the car when he gets back.


It is an odd feeling, sometimes it is not a case of when it happens, but knowing when it happens instead and all doubt just evaporating!

Thanks for the update Manny. It coincides with the first real interest I have in showing my house in Spirit River that has been for sale since August last year. Could this day get any better??!!

I'd better start making plans for an Edmonton trip then and to see about a tilt trailer.


Good evening Colin,

As you were all there to welcome me when I arrived at the end of April I wish you could all be with me when it arrives in Edmonton. It almost seems it would be appropriate after everything you guys did in putting up with me throughout this project!!

I hope that the rain will have gone by then, it must be day 5 or 6 that it has showered or rained. I hope the need to get carught up with spraying will not interfer with going to Edmonton now as well.

I drove past the car show in Fairview today after I dropped my son off but didn't stop to look at what was there...........seemed to be more cars/trucks etc. than I thought would be present though...........


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