* Manual C6 * LS2 05-07 VS LS3 08-13

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Jun 13, 2022
Hamilton Ontario
2005 C6 Z51
Good Morning Everyone,

I am currently in a big stump, and would really love help with my decision.

so I am looking into purchasing my first Vette, being a C6. I’m really excited and don’t know much about the corvettes / LS engines, my stump is being the fact that I have two corvette on the line right now and I am really unsure which one to go with.

I have a 2005 Z51 Manual C6 with only 39,000km that’s immaculate condition and he’s owned it since 2 years old (2007)

2nd options is a : 2008 C6 BASE Manual with only 61,000km mint condition, he’s owned it since it was 4 years old (2012)

(2005 is 2,000$ cheaper)

now, there is such a debate between the 05-07 vs the 08-13. Well I want to know your opinion on 1) what I should go with in your honest opinion?
2) why do people say 05-07 stay away from due to issues, and please back your opinion up don’t just say “ buy 08+ “

Any other information is appreciated on either side of the fence.
Just a FYI, I do not plan on tracking or building this car, it will be a weekend cruiser with the definite street racing involved.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to hear from you all!!
Hi Ryskin7.
I suggest you go to a Chevrolet dealership and request the serivice history of both cars.
Psst. Bring two dozen donuts for the Service Advisors ....

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