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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
So, in my weird thought pattern, I was wondering how difficult it would be to put in a Twin Turbo/Twin Supercharged engine? I have no idea what internals you'd need to do this and don't think this would be practical in any sense of the word but just the thought of installing a twin turbo system that feeds an A&A supercharger that blows into a, you guessed it, roots supercharger. Quite a dumb idea in reality, but sort of hilarious at the same time.


The Oshawa truck plant has two BIG diesel generators to run the emergency systems in the plant. They each had four turbochargers blowing into two superchargers. It looked like two blocks siamesed together with a common crank. One guy said that locomotives have a similar or the same setup. I have no idea if it is true but these brutes looked pretty impressive. At one time, GMC siamesed two V6 blocks together to make a V12 for their big trucks.
I'm sure Manny could come up with something. ;)
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That is quite interesting. I would like to see one of those generators. I figured it was done already, and suspect it has been done in a car as there are people way crazier that me who actually have the ability to follow through on their ideas.
I believe the twin turbo/blower setup has been done in Japan on the GTR, not sure if this approach gives you more horsepower or just more bragging rights.

Riley this is what you need, finding a hood might be a bit of a problem.

Listening to the RPMs while idling with cars like this just seems SCARY to me. But, cool too. I don't have that kind of cash, and if I did, I'd be spending it elsewhere. That being said, I'm glad there are people out there doing this sort of thing. These vehicles are a sight to be seen.
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