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Mar 30, 2021
2000 C5
C8 Corvette Rear Premium Molded Tail Light Smoked Covers (Blackouts) 2020+ - American Hydrocarbon
In stock too!
At American Hydrocarbon we are proud to offer these blackout covers from GS Creations for the C8 Corvette.

What you get: This is a 4 piece kit. One driver and passenger side tail light covers in a polycarbonate Lexan transparent smoked blackout look. We also include the side tail light reflector overlays in a 12 mils thick adhesive-backed Lamin-x film.

What they fit: 2020, 2021+ C8 Corvette All trim levels with factory C8 Corvette tail lights.

Material: Our taillight covers are molded from 1/8” thick Polycarbonate Lexan. (Polycarbonate aka Lexan, is a tough and durable plastic material which is virtually unbreakable with 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times that of acrylic.) What does this mean to you…they will not break when installing, removing or heck even if you drop them unlike their predecessor C7 blackouts which were made from acrylic. The smoked color is built into the Lexan so no worries about paint fade, peeling or chipping over the years.

How they install: Amazingly simple!! Why fuss with a multi-piece cover kit that will take you forever to install! Since ours is only 4 pieces total it will take you under 2 minutes. Each tail light cover will come with pre-installed clear 3m tape. You simply clean your lights with the supplied alcohol, and let dry. Once dry remove the red tape backing and press on firmly for a few seconds. That’s it! You do not need to remove your rear bumper to install these covers.

These covers by design do not create an air or water tight seal. They were designed with water channels to allow water to flow through them. This simply means hassle free maintenance, if you see any dirt or grim between the factory light and the new cover simply spray water along the top or side edge to wash it away.

When another cars headlights shine at your tail lights all 3 reflectors (per light) still will reflect, also when you use your Parking/ Brake/ Turn signal/ Reverse lights they are still highly visible. We have been using this level of smoke on all of our lights since the C5 Corvette!

Optional Re-install Clear Tape Kit: Plan on removing these in the near future? If so and would like the same tape that we use on these covers, please us this link C8 Corvette Tail light Smoked Lens cover Blackout Re-install Clear Tape Kit

If your vehicle was ever waxed or ceramic coated most likely so was the area you are installing this product on even if it’s a light or reflector. You MUST remove any wax or ceramic coating before you install this product or the 3m tape used will not stick. Alcohol alone will not do this, please consult with your detailer to find the best way to remove. You should test the area before install by putting any tape on the light and if there is good adhesion you should be ok. If the tape you used for the test does not stick or comes off very easy so will our covers.

Installation Video:

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Aug 4, 2020
2020 Vette,
The difference is that these are one piece, easy to install or remove.
I agree, one is a single piece that is quite nice, and the other is multiple pieces allowing the owner to customize the look for a bit less $$$ as they wish. Either choice is a real improvement over OEM!

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