Just want to say a big thank you to Phobia_street (Steve). I bought a set of NPP exhausts from him in January and before he could send the package someone broke into his truck and stole the hose/remote kit. Steve told be about it and gave me the option of getting a full refund or he could order a new kit and send to me or reduce the price. I opted to trust him and get the exhausts sent. I then ordered the kit so it was sent directly to me and then let Steve know the price.

Steve refunded me the cost of the kit and has reinforced my belief in "if you deal with someone on the form, you can trust them."

Thanks so much Steve you are a man good for your word!:canada:
It's nice to see that there are still some good, honest people out there. Over the internet, you really don't know what or who your are dealing with. Good show. The good word gets around and it can only do good things for your business.
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